What they said about "Carlo Spera Sto correndo":


 "...after the listening to the debut record of Carlo Spera & Stereonoise, the union of electronic music with jazz will seem the most natural and coherent union of every time..."                                                                                                                                                                                                     Giusy Vaccaio for MEDIATROUPE


“...finding out in the editorial office little pearls as this Sto correndo of Carlo Spera & Stereonoise is really exiting..... how much the sung in Italian can be beautiful if the texts are not banal and anything is had to be said...”

                                                                    Jo Laudato for Blackmailmag.com


“...Intelligent, interesting, fascinating. Here the three terms better suit to this Cd…not to recover this album  could be one of the worse choices of the last times for the one who loves these sonorities...”

                                                                                  From: erbadellastrega


"… the Mouse On Mars would pay gold to write a so funky stuff , catchy and damnedly rhythmic that flatters breakbeat… fifteen traces that go from the Clock DVA to the Suicides with a loan of Miles Davis and a lot of 80's memory funk…" 

                                                                                                 Giorgio Pace for Rocklab


 “... electronics always owner of the situation, that throws the threads of small jewels as  the title-track, "Tempi moderni" and "Good vibrations"...”

                                                             Giuseppe Catani for ROCKIT magazine


“...an elaborate, competent and clean production that explores new paths of electronic music, fusing influences of various genres, resulting in a complex work that looses the initial pop connotations in favour of a funky/jazzy approach...”

                                                                               From: DARKLIFEZINE.DE


"...an album where we don't find  any common sonorities, almost nothing is left to the case: the psychedelia is the bonus weapon of this musical project, it has such a depth that hypnotizes the listener leaving him thousand thoughts…"

                                                                                             From: LoSpettacolo - M U S I C A  



“...15 tracks, a more than 60 minutes lasting trip through the world of electronics with influences from all possible musical genres, a touch of jazz and blues, a wink to 80s electro and more than once this release is flirting with poppy structures. To give an impression on how versatile this release is, it is allready praised in the alternative jazz world where musicians as Bugge Wesseltoft set the rules...”


                                                                  From: gothtronic                                                                      


"...electronic rhythms with the great ability to never trespass in the pure electronics, but courting sweet melodies..."

                                                                From: ANIDRIDE SOCIAL NETWORK


"...they choose the way of experimentation in the electronics, pursuing at times a jazz dream , and sometimes rock/pop digressions, also distant in time..."

                                                                                         from KDCOBAIN.IT 


" the act of beginning of Carlo Spera & Stereonoise proposes a fusion-like mixture with marked electronic attitude that wisely flirts with pop sound. The final result is creative and enjoyable, also for merit of a brilliant and sophisticated production ... "

                                                  Michele Dicuonzo for SENSORIUM web magazine



“...If someone still doubts on the fact that in Italy electronic music has become too self referencing and few brave, this disk can be usefull to make change him mind…”


                                                                          Amedeo Verger for UNMUTE.net



“...Cerebral pop or melodic breakbeat? 

… two anybody but both in a fusion that puts together jazz shades , a trumpet that involves in the sonorous magma and a sung that suddenly emerges with a sense of surreal insinuated in the whole work… a curious  and often fascinating work, that has in his  being transversally pop his winning card…”


                                                                                              From: kronic